Cornerstone Defense is focused on providing core mission services and solutions with a value proposition that is fair and equitable. Our ability to keep overhead low, while providing competitive benefits and educational, opportunities ensures highly functioning and technically relevant employees. Our strong company culture minimizes turnover, keeping institutional and mission knowledge on our Customers’ programs.

Space Sector

In partnerships with our military, intelligence, and civil government customers, Cornerstone Defense supports U.S. operations worldwide through the use of many different types of satellite, launch, and cyber technologies. We develop space-based solutions that protect our nation, enhance the lives of our citizens, and directly support the warfighter. Cornerstone Defense supports a full range of missions from navigation and communication to remote sensing. We are a leader in spacecraft development, deployment and mission support. In an environment of limited resources, Cornerstone Defense provides our customers with agile and innovative solutions that achieve the highest level mission performance.

Cyber Sector

The Cyber Sector is responsible for supporting and developing products that provide solutions to computer network operations, exploitation and defense, signals intelligence, and information technology missions. Agencies supported by Cornerstone Defense Cyber Sector include the National Security Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Aberdeen Proving Ground, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and several commercial entities.

Intel Sector

Cornerstone Defense provides solutions to the United States Government for information collection, operations, exploitation and dissemination, and research activities. The Intelligence Sector specializes in Software Development, Cloud Architecture, Systems Engineering, and Network Engineering. Organizations and Agencies in this market include the Military Intelligence, the Central Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Contract Vehicles

Seaport e

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seaport next gen

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GSA Schedule 70

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Sector Leads

ryan abbott

space lead

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chris scott

cyber lead

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brandon altman

intel lead

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Additional capabilities in other areas

  • Enterprise Management, Configuration Management, Enterprise Operating System Build Management, Enterprise Storage Development and Sustainment
  • Network Architecture, Design, Install and Engineering
application/cloud dev
  • Application Development
  • Cloud Development
  • System Configuration
  • Cyber Systems Engineering
  • Information Assurance Development & Sustainment
  • Incident Response & Forensics
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Analytical Application Development & Integration
  • Cyber Analytics
data management
  • Data Science and Big Data AnalyticsEngineering/Administration
  • Statistical Analytics, Data Manipulation, and Elastic Search
  • Database Development
space system & vehicle engineering
  • Complex Orbit Analytics
  • Satellite Development
  • Ground Segment Development
  • Satellite Operations and Maintenance
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