The Cornerstone Defense Intel Sector spans across a broad Customer base and mission landscape. Our intelligence capabilities are focused around the Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (TCPED) information dominance process. By following the TCPED process across various data platforms, we are able to better inform our Intelligence Community Customers. Within these intelligence specific areas, we also provide significant System Engineering and Support Services to deliver complete and effective mission-focused support to each of our customers.

Each Intelligence Capability Area Includes: Domain Expertise, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), application of beneficial relevant technologies, delivery of proven patterns, and mission results.
INTELLIGENCE TASKING: Our Intel Team works with multiple Customers in the analysis of intelligence requirements and the definition of collection and processing activities. We accomplish this by creating and delivering critical mission needs within our Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) Customers’ mission environments.
INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION: Our Intel Team supports a number of nationally critical missions with their collection of raw and large intelligence data sets. We support the analysis and definition of architectures that leverage our Customers existing technologies and extend these with beneficial emerging technologies. Our team works with large data sets (petabytes and above) to create and compute efficient solutions. For each solution we optimize our five “Vs”: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Validity, and Veracity.
INTELLIGENCE PROCESSING: Our Intel Team supports both strategic and day-to-day operations, including compute environments that utilize physical, virtual, and cloud-based technologies to effectively ingest and pre-process intelligence data. Our team builds customized Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solutions that accurately and effectively receive and prepare data for exploitation.  We also integrate our solutions into more extensive enterprise operations using technologies such as AI/ML and Cloud resident solutions in AWS, C2S, and Azure.
INTELLIGENCE EXPLOITATION: This is an area where Cornerstone Defense has engineered significant improvements. Our teams seek to create solutions that allow machines to do the analytics and free humans to do the analysis. Intelligence efficiencies, especially in big-data environments, require more than just scalability. Cornerstone Defense delivers solutions that operationalize maturing technologies in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
INTELLIGENCE DISSEMINATION: No Intelligence process is complete or truly valuable until the Intelligence is delivered to the decision maker(s). Our Intel Team creates new and efficient ways to collect, consolidate, and report intelligence. These improved solutions include new methods to display large and disparate data sets, the ability to consolidate and deliver information across domains securely, and the creation of real-time feeds to support operational mission needs.
ENGINEERING SUPPORT: Our Intel Team provides proven System/Software/Network Engineering support that includes Agile development, advanced network architectures, high-performance computing, and big data analytics leveraging advanced database technologies.

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