Cornerstone Defense has a proven ability to find, recruit, deliver, and maintain highly qualified individuals for numerous large, small, and prime Customers/ Programs across our Mission Sectors: Cyber, Intel, and Space.

Our employees bring educational and real-world expertise to every Customer we support, and we are regarded as the preferred teammate to fill key and challenging positions.
DEDICATED AND COMMITTED RECRUITERS: Cornerstone Defense has a dedicated team of recruiters and uses this team for delivering proven candidates for both our direct positions and the primes contracts we support. Our team sources, reviews, interviews, and hires employees for both on-going programs as well as identifying candidates for proposals and future positions. While our team of ten recruiters sit in both our Hanover and Herndon offices, they are not tied to their desks. Our recruiters are constantly out in the field meeting up with potential candidates close to their current places of employment, making connections, and building out our “virtual bench” of talented resources.
KEY POSITION CANDIDATES: One of Cornerstone Defense’s strongest capabilities is finding and hiring individuals for Key positions. Our recruiters closely work with our Customers to fully understand positions, programs, clearance requirements, and market constraints. Each candidate is screened, not only by our sourcing and recruiting team, but also by topical domain experts, to ensure a candidate’s claimed expertise is relevant, accurate, and current. This is one of the many steps in our proven recruitment process that enables us to deliver such a high interview to hire ratio.
CONTINUING NEED CANDIDATES: Many of our Customers have continuing needs based on growth, attrition, and challenging to fill positions. The Cornerstone Defense recruiting process is hands-on, leading to the creation and maintenance of a “virtual bench” of longtime contacts with highly desirable skillsets. The philosophy behind a virtual bench, is while the person may not currently on the market, we are able to identify the types of opportunities that they would take action for down the road. Our ability to keep our Customer’s staffing pool populated has helped Cornerstone Defense grow and deliver a proven team of qualified technologists, keeping their missions fully staffed with skilled individuals.
PROPOSALS AND FUTURE POSITIONS: While the majority of our recruiting effort is focused on funded programs and positions, we also seek and find candidates for future positions and programs. These can be for unfunded positions on existing programs or for anticipated future work as well as proposal submissions. The same meticulousness is exercised while vetting candidates, executing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Letters of Intents (LOIs) with candidates to protect work and ensure a viable proposed staff.
NETWORKING AND PROGRAM REPRESENTATION: The Cornerstone Defense recruiters follow both traditional and non-traditional recruitment methods, helping them develop and maintain personal and professional networks. These methods often time result in the identification and recruitment of candidates before they post a resume online and start the job search. By identifying these candidates before they reach the market, Cornerstone Defense is able to deliver candidates that are not found through the traditional job-board resume search.
SATISFACTION AND RETENTION: The Cornerstone Defense recruitment process does not stop the day the candidate starts with our company, but rather it migrates into the retention phase. Regular touch points are fostered with all of our employees in the field which allows us to accomplish our goal of finding, hiring, growing, and subsequently retaining our employees. By continuously connecting with our employees, we strive to mitigate any atmosphere or impression they are left on an island by themselves. In retaining these high-level employees on our Customers’ programs, we are able to eliminate the traditional “brain-drain” that occurs with attrition.
DEPTH OF TEAM: With nearly 200 employees on board, Cornerstone Defense continues to grow as a direct result of finding and hiring proven employees across our business sectors. Our employees are deeply embedded and trusted experts across our Customer base and provide direct on-site support to nationally critical missions.

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