Cornerstone Defense supports numerous missions, operational environments, and customers across the Space mission landscape. Both Mission and Customer unique requirements are the focus in our diversified space capabilities support and comprise five key areas: Operations, Space, Ground, Test and Evaluation and Science and Analysis. In addition to Space specific areas, Cornerstone Defense also provides significant System Engineering and Support Services to provide complete and effective mission support to each of our Customers.

Each Space Capability Area includes: Domain Expertise, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), application of appropriate technologies beneficial to the mission, delivery of proven patterns, and mission results.
OPERATIONS: The Space Team successfully staffed the Space Communities’ top programs with professionals, skilled in satellite development and operations and maintenance. Currently, we have professionals providing daily mission support; their expertise and comprehensive knowledge ensure success in several occupational disciplines. At Cornerstone Defense we not only deliver highly experienced personnel for operational support, we also provide equipment maintenance and support. We have real-time operations personnel involved with pass planning, real-time console operations and maintenance on a variety of mission support and control platforms. Our robust team employs the hardware, information technologies, radio frequencies engineers and technicians to design and maintain all the equipment required to perform these duties.
SPACE: Our Space Team also consists of highly skilled Orbital Analysts augmenting our partners’ Launch and Early on-Orbit Test (LEOT) operations. Our support consists of system tests and rehearsals providing feedback to factory support elements before and after the launch of the spacecraft; assist in coordination of multiple spacecrafts to include de-confliction of events; prioritization of assets in order to determine orbits, plan burns for collision avoidance. In addition, our Orbital Analysts are skilled in developing training and workflow documentation to educate new employees and streamline job processes in support of the mission and constellation.
GROUND: Our Ground Operations and Communication individuals are routinely tasked with properly configuring orbital and ground resources for communication thus allowing monitoring of state of health and planning systems. Some of the more advanced programs we support, requested additional support to include: GN&C and propulsion engineers. Effectively we were able to support them in this role by supplying GN&C personnel to develop complex guidance navigation and control algorithms for the Customers satellites. Subsequently they teamed up with our partner’s software engineers to integrate the algorithms into their simulation software. This allows our Customer to analyze the stability of these guidance and control algorithms using control theory and Monte Carlo simulations. The Cornerstone Defense Space Team also provides key engineers responsible for reviewing spacecraft telemetry during and after every support to verify spacecraft health/safety and proper operations. Additionally, our Space Team personnel are responsible for ground system configuration, ground and spacecraft troubleshooting, procedure creation and maintenance. These engineers interact with factory and Military personnel regularly to ensure the smooth operation of spacecraft and ground systems.
TEST & EVALUATION: Our Space Team provides operation development and execution for systems, sensor and operational requirements to maintain On-Orbit testing of Space based Satellites. Cornerstone Defense is a critical partner with expertise supporting IRAD production, development and testing in simulation for mission critical response. Our Space Team participates in on-orbit checked out and test, orbit and attitude determination/ confirmation and planned on-orbit upgrades. Additionally, our Space Team supports our partners in Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) and responsible for the operational testing and evaluation of all Spacecraft and weapon system programs to determine operational effectiveness, suitability, and degree of mission capability in the system’s operational environment. We support and ensure all systems and subsystems have been thoroughly tested during LEOT and certifies all program level requirement once the satellites are on orbit. The Cornerstone Defense Space Team supports all efforts of this phase to include compiling and presetting data to key decision makers in a timely manner with regard to the acquisition and deployment numerous space systems.
SCIENCE AND ANALYSIS: Our Space Team has domain expertise including SMEs as recognized within the Space Offensive/Defensive Area. Cornerstone Defense is leading the way in Space situational awareness, near-Earth asteroid detection, characterizing and orbital debris.
ENGINEERING SUPPORT: Our Space Team has experienced teams capable and ready to design and deploy secured network systems for operational launch and mission support, with experience deploying commercial launch networks, ensuring high-availability for customer telemetry (internal and external). Cornerstone Defense also provides proven System/Software/Network Engineering support that includes Agile development advanced network architectures, high performance computing and big data analytics leveraging advanced database technologies critical across many Space programs.

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