At Cornerstone Defense we focus on both our customers’ missions as well as our team’s. Without a skilled and motivated team, successfully supporting our Customers’ missions is impossible. Our team is comprised of talented, experienced, and passionate individuals that thrive in collaborative and innovative environments. Cornerstone Defense employees embrace learning opportunities and adapt to changing technological challenges. Our biggest goal is to provide our employees with fulfilling opportunities that have both meaning and purpose. We seek, hire, and cultivate the future leaders in technologies, management, and operations. Reach out to our team and start a conversation about how you can be a part of the growing Cornerstone Defense Team!

Top 5 reasons to join us at Cornerstone Defense!

CORE VALUES – Our core values are honesty, integrity, professionalism, and fairness. These values are utilized with all employees, partners, and clients. When faced with tough decisions, we ask ourselves “what is the right move?” In an industry that is constantly changing, our core values are not something that Cornerstone Defense will ever compromise.

COMMITTED – We have a binding promise to our employees to make sure that they are prepared to provide the best service to our clients. Cornerstone Defense is committed to taking a holistic view of our team and making sure that each employee is provided what is needed for efficient operation with a balanced lifestyle.

APPROACH – We use a consultative approach to hiring, employment, and execution. We look for quality employees and identify the appropriate opportunities for them, not the other way around. Our employees are always our number one concern. We firmly believe that if we take care of our employees…business will follow.

ATTENTION – We focus on the details of efficiently managing personnel and business. We are consistently looking for new and unique ways to show our employees that they are the most important asset within the company. We fully understand and manage the need for both the Esprit de Corp and professional training for every Cornerstone Defense employee.

TRANSPARENCY – We makes every effort to communicate all aspects of operations with its employees. Transparency is fundamental to the culture of our company. We firmly believe that establishing an employee and management inclusive environment creates the best possible outcome for our employees, the company, and our clients.


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