Written by: Kaitlin Krywy, Managing Director – Aerospace and Defense

As a small business committed to supporting the U.S. Government, Cornerstone Defense recognizes the immense potential it holds to positively impact society, especially in the support of veterans who have bravely served the United States of America. Small companies like Cornerstone Defense embody distinct qualities, notably agility and adaptability, which form the foundation of an approach uniquely suited to deeply impact the lives of veterans. In comparison to the national average of how many veterans comprise the workforce, which is 5.6%, Cornerstone’s workforce is currently 34% Veteran-comprised. We extend support to the Veteran community through various means while continually advocating for the advantages of hiring these exceptional individuals.

Employment Opportunities:

Veterans are a valuable asset, bringing a wide array of skills and experiences to any workplace. At Cornerstone Defense, we take pride in not just recognizing, but harnessing this diverse skill set, ensuring veterans find roles that perfectly match their talents. Through our extensive array of training and skills development programs, we are dedicated to guiding and aligning candidates with career paths that capitalize on their strengths and expertise.

Flexible Work Policies:

Creating a work environment that accommodates the potential challenges veterans might face during their transition is crucial. Flexible work hours, understanding leave policies, and support for managing any health-related issues or appointments contribute to a supportive workplace culture.

Collaboration and Shared Resources:

Through the establishment of mentorship programs and partnerships with veteran-focused organizations and groups, our company has been able to offer comprehensive guidance, training, and career development support. For instance, we’ve collaborated with the Mt. Carmel Veteran Center in Colorado Springs, empowering their career fair aimed at transitioning military personnel. Additionally, we remain dedicated to offering career mentorship and job opportunities to students at ACI Learning, ensuring ongoing support for veterans seeking to embark on new professional journeys. Our aim is to align their military-acquired skills with appropriate career trajectories, ensuring a smooth transition into civilian roles.

Support to Local Veteran Initiatives:

At Cornerstone, we actively support local veteran initiatives by contributing to fundraisers, participating in events, and advocating for awareness campaigns. We actively volunteer with a local group, HeroHomes Loudoun, building houses for those who have fought for our country. Through partnerships with veteran organizations and sponsorships of local events, we strive not only to raise awareness but also to provide concrete assistance to our veteran community.

As a company, we consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to support and collaborate with veterans. Their unwavering dedication, exceptional skills, and selfless service to our country are an inspiration to us all. As we evolve and expand, we’re committed to ensuring that we provide support for our veteran workforce and continue to improve our efforts to support veterans. With that in mind, feel free to drop us a comment and join the conversation – we’d love to collaborate, hear new ideas, connect and work together as a community to continue supporting those that have already done so much for this great country.

Kaitlin Krywy

Managing Director – Aerospace and Defense