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Building a Culture of Care at Cornerstone Defense

Building a Culture of Care at Cornerstone Defense Written by: Reilly Leonard, COO, Cornerstone Defense At Cornerstone Defense, we believe company culture is more than just a buzzword—it’s the heartbeat of our organization. While the dictionary offers numerous definitions of “culture,” we focus on one that resonates with our mission: “the values, typical practices, and […]

Elevating Corporate Social Responsibility Through Charitable Initiatives

Elevating Corporate Social Responsibility Through Charitable Initiatives Written by: Patrick Palmer, CEO, Cornerstone Defense In the busy and dynamic landscape of any business or industry, the concept of giving back can sometimes take a back seat. Yet, for small businesses across many industries, there lies a profound opportunity to extend their impact beyond mere transactions. […]

The Invaluable Impact of Employing Veterans – Kaitlin Krywy, Managing Director – Aerospace and Defense

Written by: Kaitlin Krywy, Managing Director – Aerospace and Defense As a small business committed to supporting the U.S. Government, Cornerstone Defense recognizes the immense potential it holds to positively impact society, especially in the support of veterans who have bravely served the United States of America. Small companies like Cornerstone Defense embody distinct qualities, […]

Executive Spotlight: Michelle Allen, Director of Systems and Security, FSO

We take great pride in featuring Michelle Allen, our accomplished Director of Systems and Security, and Facility Security Officer, in this month’s executive spotlight. Michelle has been with Cornerstone Defense since 2018, and her career trajectory that led her to the Cornerstone team is a testament to her journey of adaptability, commitment, and pursuit of […]

Communication in the Workplace — Virginia Blair, Director of Operations

Written by: Virginia Blair, Director of Operations, Cornerstone Defense I have always been the type to care about and be engaged with the people around me – I am most certainly a people-person. Though this stems in part from my social and outgoing disposition, I also have great appreciation for human nature, and how our […]

Reilly Leonard promoted to Cornerstone Defense COO

Cornerstone Defense is pleased to announce Reilly Leonard as its new Chief Operating Officer. With over 20 years of experience in the GovCon industry, Leonard has successfully supported small to mid-size integrators and has been an instrumental part of Cornerstone Defense since joining the company in 2015. In his earlier years at the company, Leonard […]

Leading with Empathy — Pat Palmer, CEO

Leading with Empathy Written by: Patrick Palmer, CEO, Cornerstone Defense There is much dialogue around leadership style in today’s business environment. Articles, blogs and LinkedIn posts are written on the importance of good leadership, the consequences of good leadership, and most importantly, the net effect of a good leader’s impact.  After over 20 years in […]

Pat Palmer Promoted to Cornerstone Defense CEO

Pat Palmer was recently promoted to Cornerstone Defense CEO. View more details at: https://www.govconwire.com/2023/02/patrick-palmer-promoted-to-cornerstone-defense-ceo/

Executive Spotlight: Reilly Leonard, CDO

Meet Cornerstone Defense’s Chief Delivery Officer, Reilly Leonard. Reilly has been with Cornerstone Defense for 7 years, almost as long as the company has been in operation! He is an integral part of our day-to-day operations at Cornerstone, and an essential part of the management and development of our Recruiting sector. Reilly’s passion for this […]

Executive Spotlight, Darcelle Willson, VP of Human Resources

Meet Cornerstone Defense’s fantastic VP of Human Resources, Darcelle Wilson! Darcelle has been Cornerstone Defense’s VP of HR for 4 years and brings with her an incredible amount of experience in her field. After attending Slippery Rock University, Darcelle gained skills in several different corporate environments including careers in banking, accounting, finance, working as an FSO, and […]

Time to Clean House … And Your Computer Desktop!

Written By: Richard Domikis, Chief Technology Officer, Cornerstone Defense The cold season has arrived, and we are quickly get ready for Turkey, Snow and Christmas! Like most of you, I suspect, this is also a time where we need to clean up for guests that will soon descend upon us.  Guests arrive and we, (or […]

Artificial Intelligence With a Mind of Its Own

Written By: Richard Domikis, Chief Technology Officer, Cornerstone Defense What is to be done when new technologies meet old problems? Whether you are at home, in a hotel, or on a combat field, odds are you have encountered new technologies that challenge our current ways of thinking and acting. How many of us have had a […]

Virtual Video Gaming Makes Real Money

Written By: Richard Domikis, Chief Technology Officer, Cornerstone Defense My youngest son Jacob, is a junior in college and an Economics major. That’s a bit far from the Technology tree … or is it? I had the great honor of watching Jacob give a Ted Talk last week at Hampden Sydney College. Tying economics and […]

Cornerstone Defense Added to Washington Technology Fast 50

Cornerstone Defense has been recognized by Washington Technology as the 9th fastest growing company in the Government market in 2020.

Cornerstone Defense Awarded NSWCDD’s First Ever OTA

Cornerstone working with NSWCDD to enhance cloud security and overall hybrid cloud environment.

Cornerstone Defense is Awarded First Ever NSTIC OTA

Cornerstone Defense is an active member of the Naval Surface Technology Innovation Consortium (NSTIC). This consortium partners with Government industry and academia to award Other Transactional Authorities (OTA’s).

Cornerstone Defense Awarded Contract to Support NAVAIR’s Cloud and Data Security

Cornerstone Defense is proud to announce the award of a prime contact supporting the Navy’s F-35 Program.

Cornerstone Defense Attends KubeCon NA 2019, San Diego, CA

Steven Lui and Allen Murrell attended this year’s KubeCon.

Rich Domikis joins Cornerstone Defense

The Board of Directors of Cornerstone Defense LLC today announced it has named Richard Domikis as Chief Technology Officer effective March 4, 2019.

Cornerstone Defense Wins SeaPort-NxG

A small business prime on SeaPort-NxG; the Navy’s new electronic platform (replacing SeaPort-e) for acquiring support services that includes Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management.

Cornerstone Defense Wins GSA MAS Schedule

Cornerstone Defense LLC is a small business prime on the GSA MAS Schedule under SIN 54151S Information Technology Professional Services. MAS is a long-term contract issued by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to procure a commercial technology vendor.