Cornerstone Defense applies our proven Mission Driven Methodology to assist customers in making effective and informed decisions across their missions. We provide a team of experienced technologists, scientists, and subject matter experts to design and improve customer focused solutions. Cornerstone Defense is focused on providing core mission services and solutions with a strong value proposition.

By keeping our overhead low, while providing competitive benefits and educational opportunities to our employees, Cornerstone Defense provides highly skilled and technically relevant employees to our customers. Our strong company culture minimizes turnover, keeping institutional and mission knowledge on our customers’ programs.

DOD/Space Sector

The Cornerstone Defense Space/DoD Sector spans diverse mission areas among the agencies / branches of our nations Space and Intelligence Communities. Our core capabilities are focused on systems engineering/integration, guidance navigation and control algorithms, ground segment design and integration, systems and software testing, satellite command and control, cloud optimized network integration, software development, cyber security, and supply chain and logistics support.  Cornerstone Defense is focused on providing core mission services and solutions with a strong value proposition.

In support of all service support elements, we ensure our team continuously provides innovation, and continuity of operations to our men and women of the Defense and Intelligence communities. The overarching organizations and agencies that we support include the Space Force, Air Force, Navy, and other classified agencies.

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Intel Sector

The Intelligence Sector provides solutions to the United States Government for information collection, operations, exploitation and dissemination, and research activities. Our Team specializes in software development, cloud architecture, systems and network engineering, systems integration, agile management, as well as targeting operations and intelligence analysis. Our support to our mission customers includes cyber network operations, exploitation and defense, signals intelligence, human intelligence, and critical missions and networks.

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Fundamental to our company is the unique ability to recruit and retain highly desirable employees. Our proven internal recruiting process is front-loaded and 100% internal, as we directly perform each step of the discovery and vetting of candidates. We perform candidate evaluations, in-person interviews, and topical expertise assessments in advance of presenting to our Customers.

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Contract Vehicles

Leadership Team

Brandon Altmann

VP Intelligence Sector

Brandon Altmann

VP Intelligence Sector


Capabilities In Other Areas


  • Enterprise Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Enterprise OS Build Management
  • Enterprise Storage Development & Sustainment
  • Network Architecture, Design, Engineering & Install

Application/Cloud DEV

  • Application Development
  • Cloud Development
  • System Configuration


  • Cyber Systems Engineering
  • Information Assurance Development & Sustainment
  • Incident Response & Forensics
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Analytical Application Development & Integration
  • Cyber Analytics

Data Management

  • Data Science & Big Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Administration
  • Data Manipulation
  • Statistical Analytics
  • Elastic Search
  • Database Development

Space System &
Vehicle Engineering

  • Complex Orbit Analytics
  • Satellite Development
  • Ground Segment Development
  • Satellite Operations & Maintenance

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