Written By: Richard Domikis, Chief Technology Officer, Cornerstone Defense

The cold season has arrived, and we are quickly get ready for Turkey, Snow and Christmas!

Like most of you, I suspect, this is also a time where we need to clean up for guests that will soon descend upon us.  Guests arrive and we, (or at least I) toss things into the corners and closets to make space and get our entertaining done. The holidays start that first cycle of cleaning that often ends with the great Spring-cleaning event sometime in March or April.

So how is house cleaning related to technology?  We clean because we’re cluttered and can’t use our rooms, tables, and garages. Your laptop is lot like your house … when it gets cluttered it’s hard to use.  In fact, your laptop is worse than that – because as you clutter the desktop with files and folders, other applications slow down and can even stop working.  It would be like putting your mess quickly into a closet and finding out that your shower stopped working.  

An extreme way to house clean might be to throw out the house and get a new one, then just move what you need into the new house.  It sounds crazy, but many computer users do exactly that and toss a good but cluttered laptop and buy a nice new “clean” one. Many times, we have a user that says, “My laptop is slow or acting weird,” and the first thing we find are excessive files on the computer desktop or an overly full hard drive. All too often user-created clutter is the culprit.

A messy “house” looks like this…

While a clean “house” looks more like this…

Take some time over the holidays to clean up your work and home computers! You may find those “lost” files you were looking for, and even get your computer to run better than ever.  Cleaning is seldom fun, but the results are worth the effort!  At Cornerstone Defense we always seek to optimize the environments our customers own and use before we buy a new one!

From the Tech Corner,

Richard Domikis, Chief Technology Officer, Cornerstone Defense

About Rich Domikis:

With over 30 years of experience as a senior technologist, Mr. Domikis has guided critical solutions for the DoD and Intelligence Community. Rich previously served as the Chief Engineer of Harris/Peraton. Prior to that, he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ManTech’s Mission Solutions & Services group. Over his long career, Rich has served as a senior technologist with companies such as Boeing, Raytheon, and General Dynamics. He has served as direct support to technology leadership at DIA, ODNI, NRO, NGA, and others, often working on large cross-agency programs.

Rich has a bachelor’s degree in Intelligence and a Master of Science in Space Systems from American Military University and is a Ph.D. candidate at Walden University in Applied Management and Decision Sciences. Rich maintains CISSP, PMP, International Law/Law of Armed Conflict and Use of Humans in Research Certifications.